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About the exercises

This area contains downloadable files for use by teachers. The corpus-based exercises are based on the 1,000 most frequent vocabulary from the Engineering Word List.


All exercises are based on analysis of real world use of English in Engineering contexts, and use real, genuine English that engineering students will encounter in the real world.


These exercises teach students what words are used together in the Engineering English context.

Apparent Synonyms

Comparisons of apparent synonyms (ex: create vs. make) show that their actual usage is quite different, and these exercises help students to see those differences.

Awareness Raising

These exercises raise students' awareness of the above concepts and help them develop the tools to learn more efficiently in future study.

Three categories of exercises


These readings have been created from Simple English Wikipedia articles and cover a wide variety of engineering topics. We provide two sets of readings. The first set contains exercises focusing on lexico-grammatical usage of semi-technical and specialized vocabulary. The second set of readings contains no exercises but is provided as a source of reading material from which to create your own materials for students.

Lexical Grammatical

show the usage of common words that are often overlooked in teaching. Comparisons of apparent synonyms (ex: create vs. make) show that their usage is quite different. This category of exercise is not intended to introduce novel vocabulary.


Corpus-based vocabulary exercises which focus on form, meaning and usage of the target vocabulary. Actual extracts from the corpus show how each word functions in its environment.


These files are freely distributed for non-commercial use. You are free to modify and incorporate these files into other work with attribution given to the author.

Any questions?

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